Every liquor store in Texas, mapped

Using python (with Pandas), the Google Maps Geocoding service, GeoJSON, and the Google Maps javascript API I created a map of all licensed Texas liquor stores as of December 2016.  Mapping all 2,547 individual points as markers on Google Maps is possible, but gets quite cluttered.  Alternatively, we can express this data in a heatmap layer.  Data source is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commision (TABC).

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Finding best times to see a sunrise or moonrise behind Mt. Hood

The unimaginatively named “hoodRise” tool was created to allow one to find unique and awesome views of sunrise / moonrise events over Mt. Hood.  The user is free to choose any location using a Google Map and the tool will determine the best days over the next year for these events.  Here is an example choosing a  location near the Sandy River on the Ramona Falls trail:

Note that times are shown in the user’s local time zone – in this case I ran the app in the CST, so actual times in the PST will be 2 hours less.

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